AirBnB and other short term letting

Short term letting is in breach of the lease and is strictly prohibited.


The lease for your apartment limits the items that you are allowed to place on your balconies to garden furniture and planting. Nothing else is permitted: in particular, washing may not be hung on balconies.

Barbecues are a fire risk and are prohibited on balconies. Please remember to keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing other residents.


Barbecues are not allowed anywhere on the estate for safety reasons. They are not allowed on private balconies or in communal gardens or roof terraces.


Cages for the storage of bicycles are located in the car parks.

The bicycle cages are protected by your own locks. The cages are not high security enclosures, so it is also advisable to fit locks / chain between your cycle and the frame on the cage.

No responsibility is accepted by GQ(EP)MC Ltd for loss from any cycle cage.


Please see: Telephone and broadband services.

Buildings Management Team

The Buildings Management team are available 24*7 every day. The staff have regular duties around the estate and may not be at the reception desk, but are always available on their mobile phone.

  • Telephone 07707 502050

The team is headed up by Buildings Manager, Ola Czech.

Ola is supported by four Buildings Management Assistants:

Anwar Ashraf (Ash), Ebrima Barjo (Ebie), Barrie Bradshaw, and John Stanton.

The team will be pleased to help with advice, contacts and practical information about living at Eastside Plaza.

Problems (or commendations!) can be reported to the team, by telephone or by using Contact Us >>

Company information

Gunwharf Quays (Eastside Plaza) Management Company Ltd abbreviated to GQ(EP)MC Ltd is responsible for overseeing the management of the Eastside Plaza estate.

Eastside Plaza is run voluntarily by the Directors of GQ(EP)MC Ltd; All are leaseholders at Eastside Plaza, and do not receive any remuneration.

The shareholders (Members) of GQ(EP)MC Ltd are solely residential leaseholders.

The Freeholder / Landlord is Berkeley Homes.

GQ(EP)MC Ltd aims to maintain Eastside Plaza to the highest standards for the benefit of all.

Board meetings

GQ(EP)MC Ltd Board meetings are held regularly.

Registered address:

  • c/o Encore Estate Management Ltd
  • 2 Hills Road
  • Cambridge
  • CB2 1JP
  • email:
  • 01344 823650

Company number:


Correspondence address:

As Registered Address above

The Directors are:
  • Peter Coates
  • Andrew Davey
  • Mike Green
  • Richard Leighton
  • Paul Mayhew
  • Mark Richardson
  • Rosie Wiltshire
  • Philip Young

The directors operate with a series of sub-groups as necessary, reporting into the main Board.

Contact details

The Board can be contacted via the Managing Agent Contact Us >>

Door to door sales and canvassing

Residents should not be disturbed by door to door sales staff or canvassers. If you ever receive such a knock on the door, please notify the Buildings Management Team immediately and the individual will be escorted from the property.

Electric circuits

The electrical supply in your apartment is protected by circuit breakers (rather than fuses) which are located in the consumer units which are likely to be in a cupboard. In addition to circuit breakers for each of the electrical circuits in your property, this box contains the mains cut-off switch for your property.

There are other controls located in utility cupboards around the estate which can be accessed by the Buildings Management Team.

Entry phone

The remote front door entry access systems vary between the three buildings.

For systems where you can operate the door from the telephone of your choice, the Buildings Management Team will arrange for the front door entry phone to be set up for your apartment. This work will be carried out by a contractor for a one-off fee of £65.00+VAT. For security reasons, the Buildings Management Team will have to send a confirmation email to the company.

Visitors key in your apartment number on the the panel beside the main door; this rings on your telephone and enables you to speak to your visitor and allows you to open the door by using the following key on your telephone: # for the Blue Building, 3 for The Crescent and 1 Gunwharf Quays.

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Fire Reassurance - Berkeley Homes

Berkeley Homes sent a letter to all owners in July 2017 providing reassurance that the buildings comply with the necessary fire safety certification requirement, and that none of the buildings include Aluminium Composite Material (ACM).

Fire alarms

All buildings at Eastside Plaza are protected by sophisticated fire detection and prevention systems that are regularly tested. Each apartment is also protected by fire resistant doors. If smoke is detected in the corridors or other communal areas, or if a red alarm button is activated, alarms will notify the Buildings Management Team who will investigate and call the fire brigade if necessary. Automatic smoke extraction fans will also be triggered - in some locations you may see the louvre smoke extraction doors open, or automated windows open.

If there is a fire in a communal area, you should evacuate immediately. Remember that the lifts will not work and only the stairs should be used.

Please note that the incidence of a fire is one of the few situations when your apartment would be entered without your permission being required. Entry may need to be forced if the Buildings Management Team do not have keys to your apartment.

Within each apartment the alarm is mains powered with a battery backup. When the battery is dying the alarm will beep about once a minute, and some alarms also flash. Please replace the battery. It is mandatory that the batteries are replaced without delay. Replacement batteries can be bought in most stores and are simple to fit. The Buildings Management Team will be pleased to advise if required.


If you are likely to be away for an extended period, please let the Buildings Management Team know. It is helpful to provide a local contact who can deal with any problems. You are advised to turn off the water in your apartment before leaving (the stop tap is usually in the boiler cupboard). If anyone else is likely to be using your flat whilst you are away, please let the Buildings Management Team know and arrange for your guests to let staff know when they arrive and leave.


The Freeholder places Building Insurance on behalf of GQEPMC Ltd in accordance with the Terms contained within the Lease. Building Insurance covers damage to the fabric of the building, including the structure of individual flats, and their individual fitted bathrooms and kitchens where an insured peril is met.

An excess is applied to any claim made. This excess varies depending upon the type of insurance claim. In the case of an escape of water the owner of the flat from which the leak originated should meet the cost of any excess. This is not a matter with which GQEPMC Ltd nor managing agent will involve themselves. The current escape of water excess is £500.00. This level of excess is subject to change upon renewal of the building insurance policy.

If you need any more information please contact the Buildings Management Team.

Contents insurance

Should there be any damage to the Contents contained within the flat the Building Insurance Policy will not cover the cost of the repair or the replacement of these items. It is necessary for Residents to arrange their own Contents cover independently.


Spare keys may be held by the Buildings Management Team on your behalf. This allows family members, guests, contractors or delivery companies to be given access to your apartment. It also helps to deal with emergencies, such as when you have lost your keys. Visitors will be asked to provide identity, and access must be arranged in advance. This arrangement would also allow you to instruct the Buildings Management Team to enter your apartment to deal with emergencies, which could also help to avoid the need for forced entry and the associated repair bills which will be borne by the leaseholder.

Key fobs

For 1GWQ, these are individually programmed for your property.

Remote controls for the garage gates are also available. Additional fobs may be obtained through the Buildings Management Team.

To maintain the security of the estate, we operate a schedule to re-programme and update key fobs. You will be advised when this is arranged and you will need to call into the Buildings Management Team when this is carried out.

Moving in (and out)

Please let the Buildings Management Team know the dates and times for your arrival (or departure), and for your removal company and other deliveries. This will help with arranging access to the building and identifying any practical issues, such as scheduled lift maintenance, the handling of bulky items or other estate restrictions.

Moving in checklist

Please let the Buildings Management Team have the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Date you will be moving in
  • Apartment number / building
  • Contact telephone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Emergency contacts and names of those allowed to access your apartment
  • Names and details of any contractors you have scheduled
  • Details of the removal vehicles (number and type)

Noise and disturbance

Living at Eastside Plaza should entitle all residents to the quiet enjoyment of your property. Please be considerate towards your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum. Indoors, please play music, radios and televisions at a moderate volume. Outdoors, please avoid creating noise on balconies, terraces and the podium. Noisy works (use of heavy or electric equipment such as hammers and electric drills) are permitted only between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Please remember that no noise at all is permitted between 11pm and 7am.

If you are disturbed by noise from neighbours, please report this to the Estate Management Team. In most cases, a conversation will resolve the situation. An escalation procedure is in place to deal with continuing or prolonged disturbances and anti-social behaviour.

We are in regular contact with the police and the Council and it is important to report all incidents of noise and anti-social behaviour for our records. If you are disturbed, please ring the Buildings Management Team immediately or use Contact Us.



The road giving access to Eastside Plaza is not owned or operated by us; however our leases allow us to use the road to gain access to our property. A traffic management scheme operates on the access road to prevent shoppers and commercial users using it as an easy drop-off location, rather than using the designated location at the rear of Marks & Spencer. The traffic scheme uses CCTV cameras to identify vehicles which stop anywhere on the yellow hatched area, and which do not enter our garage. For more information, see the news item 8th May 2018.

Please ensure that you only use your designated parking space - this may not have the same number as your apartment. It could be helpful if the Buildings Management Team have your car registration number and mobile phone number.

There are no visitor parking spaces. If you are willing, and are planning to be away, please let the Buildings Management Team know if your space can be used temporarily while you are away.

The nearest car park is either the Gunwharf Road car park or the Gunwharf Quays Shopping Centre car park - a two-minute walk from Eastside Plaza.

Please do not leave your vehicle anywhere on the estate other than in your parking space. The estate service road, car park roadways must be kept clear.

Parking can be arranged at the rear of the estate for commercial vehicles servicing the estate, through the Buildings Management Team.


Residents are not allowed to have pets in their flat without the specific permission of the landlord. Owners wishing to have a pet must apply for a pet permit which is chargeable via the Buildings Management Team. Any approved pet must be kept within their owner's apartment and not allowed to roam round the estate. They should not be allowed in communal areas (such as hallways, gardens and terraces) at any time without the owner being present. Please ensure that pets do not disturb other residents or foul any parts of the development. Permits may be revoked if pets create a nuisance.

Please note: Rental tenants are not permitted to keep pets.

Piazza and communal gardens

The piazza and gardens on the 2nd floor above the car park are available for use by all residents. The planting is maintained by our gardening contractors and these areas are provided with seating and soft lighting. Please be considerate towards other residents: keep noise to a minimum, and do not leave any litter behind.

A reminder that these areas are not provided for parties, children's playgrounds or pets.

Post and packages

Packages, parcels and special items (such as recorded post) can sometimes be received by the Buildings Management Team. If so, you will be notified (via a slip through your letter box) when there are items for you to collect. The Buildings Management Team desk will be manned between 8am and 9:30am, and again from 16:30 and 18:00 for ease of collection. If the desk is unmanned, please ring the Buildings Management Team and agree a pick-up time.


Green bins are provided for recyclable waste, paper, cardboard and plastic bottles. A separate bin is provided for glass recycling. The refuse stores also have separate landfill bins for non-recyclable waste. Bins are normally emptied on Mondays and Thursdays.

Please ensure that landfill waste is placed in plastic bags, and that recyclables are placed in the correct bins (please do not use plastic bags for recyclables). Large boxes should be folded flat.

LARGE ITEMS CANNOT BE LEFT IN THE BIN STORES. The Buildings Management Team can arrange special collections for LARGE items, for which there will be a cost. It is usually cheaper to arrange for delivery firms to remove old furniture and appliances at the same time as new items are delivered.

Repairs and refurbishments

If you are planning any refurbishments, repairs, redecoration or other works to your apartment, please ensure that these are discussed with the Buildings Management Team before arrangements are made with contractors. There are limits on permitted hours of work, and the landlord's approval may be necessary for certain works.

Any physical changes to the structure of your apartment, including the replacement of water pipes, heating systems and electrical circuits must be approved by the landlord prior to the works commencing. All works must comply with the latest building regulations set by the government and enforced by the local authority.

Piazza and communal gardens


The estate has been designed with a number of features to make it secure. Please take care to make sure that doors are shut when entering or leaving the buildings or using the garage. To maintain the estate's security, do not allow anyone to enter who you do not recognise - refer them to the Buildings Management Team. Tell the Buildings Management Team straight away if you are 'tailgated' into to a building or garage.

Stopcocks and mains switches

We recommend that you check the location of the electricity and water controls within your apartment. These are likely to be in a cupboard.

Telephone and broadband services

Connections are via the standard telephone network or fibre.

As not all providers can support a service at Eastside Plaza, we recommend that you thoroughly research any alternative installations in advance before signing up.

If you require more information, please contact the Buildings Management Team.

Television aerial

Communal aerial systems provide Freeview and Freesat radio and TV signals, including Sky (but not Sky+). If you experience problems with the signal, please check other aerial outlets in your apartment (and the aerial distribution board if you have one - normally located in a cupboard). If the problems persist, please contact the Buildings Management Team.

The installation of private satellite dishes is not permitted.

Water and hot water tanks

There are valves on most water pipes which enable the supply to be turned off to taps and appliances (they may have a small handle or operate with a screwdriver).

To reduce the risk of flooding you are advised to carry out regular checks of your equipment. Toilet cisterns should be examined for cracks, and leaks. Also, regularly check under the bath panel and around shower trays for leaks. You may be liable for damage caused to other properties due to water leaking from your apartment.

Water is pumped into the buildings by high pressure booster pumps - there are no large tanks on the roof. However, cuts in the electricity supply, which are very rare, will affect the water pumps resulting in no water reaching your apartment until the electricity supply is restored.

Your apartment is equipped with a Megaflow electric hot water tank. The instructions written on the tank advise that periodic maintenance is required to avoid dripping water into the attached waste pipe. It is the responsibility of the leaseholder to ensure that this maintenance is carried out.

Changing hot water tanks and landlords permissions

Leaseholders are reminded you are not allowed to change a hot water tank without obtaining landlords permissions. This is to allow the managing agent to check your proposals and for us to be able to produce a document confirming permission to change has been granted. You may well need this document when you come to sell your flat to prove to the prospective purchaser permission was granted. You will be charged at a commercial rate for this service.

All works must comply with the latest building regulations set by the government and enforced by the local authority.

Water leaks

Water leaks within an apartment result in the largest number of insurance claims. It is very important that leaseholders and tenants check for any sign of water damage and if found report it to Buildings Management Team immediately.

You may be liable for damage caused to other properties due to water leaking from your apartment. Whilst Eastside Plaza suffers from fewer leaks than many other estates, we take this very seriously and expect all owners to assist in helping to resolve any issues promptly. Below are the two most common causes of leaks.

Water leaks from toilets, baths and showers

Toilet cisterns should be examined for cracks, and leaks. Also, regularly check under the bath panel and around shower trays for leaks.

Water connections to kitchen appliances

Water leaks from flexible pipes connecting to kitchen appliances are not infrequent. In most cases the problem is easily resolved by tightening the fitting or replacing a washer or the pipe itself. Please check your water connections to dishwashers and washing machines. Remember that some fridges and larger coffee machines also have a permanent water supply and should be checked.

Do you need help?

If you're not able to check any of the above, contact the Buildings Management Team. They will be happy to assist you with the checks and recommend a suitable plumber if additional work is required.