To enable the residents of Eastside Plaza to 'peaceably and quietly possess and enjoy' their apartments as stated in the property leases, compliance with the following estate regulations are mandatory.

The leases of the development allow for such reasonable regulations to be established and enforced. Penalties range from additional costs being placed on contravening leaseholder's service charge accounts, to forfeiture of lease.


  1. No property can be used or be permitted to be used for any purpose save that of a single private residential dwelling. Business use is not permitted in any property or communal areas.
  2. No property can be let on a term less than 6 months. A leaseholder must obtain a 'Consent to Let' from the Managing Agent before a property can be let. All lets must be on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement or comparable agreement. It is a condition of any 'Consent to Let' that Tenants cannot sub-let properties.
  3. No major noise disturbances are permitted; that is noise that can be unreasonably heard or causes inconvenience, harassment or annoyance in neighbouring apartments above, below and on the same floor e.g. music/TVs not at a moderate volume, raised voices, running, jumping, etc. Absolutely no noise disturbances whatsoever are permitted between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.00am.
  4. It is necessary to obtain written permission for the keeping of pets on the development. Where pets are permitted, they must be prevented from becoming a nuisance to other residents.
  5. All rubbish/refuse must be bagged up properly and placed in bins provided. Separate arrangements must be made by individuals who wish to dispose of furniture, bedding, white goods and other larger refuse items, which will not be collected with the regular refuse collection.
  6. No bikes can be kept in apartments or on balconies / terraces. Bikes must not be carried through the communal hallways or lifts and can only be stored in the bike cages.
  7. Entrance doors and gates to be closed at all times in the interest of security and safety. Do not allow access to anyone you do not know.
  8. Windows must be locked shut when apartments are unoccupied, and must not be allowed to slam in windy weather. This will minimise disruption to neighbours, damage to window mechanisms and frames, and prevent rain water entering the building, causing water damage to apartments below. Retaining stays must not be disconnected for safety and damage prevention reasons.
  9. Domestic smoke alarms must be tested regularly, and batteries replaced promptly.
  10. No items to be kept in communal areas or estate grounds, except bicycles in bike cages.
  11. No laundry or BBQ's are permitted on balconies.
  12. No smoking in lifts, communal areas, stairs or car parks.