Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am having a large parcel delivered but won't be in, so can the Buildings Management Team take it in for me?

The Buildings Management Team may be able to help but please do arrange directly with them as there is insufficient room for them to take in many items.

2) Can we rent out our property?

Yes, there is nothing within the lease to prevent a leaseholder from renting out their property but please refer specifically to the covenants within The First Schedule of the lease. Furthermore, GQ(EP)MC Ltd also wish to ensure the covenants within the leases are mirrored in all letting agreements/ASTs so all rental tenants are aware of their responsibilities. Please refer to the managing agents for more information and the procedure.

3) Can we keep pets?

The lease dictates that pets cannot be kept in the premises without the permission of the 'Manager'. Therefore, you must seek written consent from the Managing Agent in advance, which will be chargeable.

4) What can we keep in our Bicycle Store?

The Insurers and Fire Officer have instructed that only bicycles can be stored in the cycle cages as any other goods could invalidate the building insurance and be a fire hazard.

5) Can we have a party in our apartment?

There is nothing to prevent residents having visitors, however, the lease supported by the Estate Rules dictate that any noise must not unreasonable and no noise is allowed between 11pm and 7am and we ask all residents to have respect for their neighbours.

6) Can I have a barbeque on the communal podium?

No. You can only use the podium for the purpose of quiet enjoyment and not barbeques, games of recreation or playing of music at any time and must not allow children under the age of 10 to be there unaccompanied by an adult at any time.

7) Can I join the Board of GQ(EP)MC Ltd because I wish to become more involved with the running of Eastside Plaza?

Yes, as long as you are a current Leaseholder. Fresh input and help will be most welcome, so keep your eyes open for all communication about when new Directors can be voted onto the Board.

8) Someone else has parked in my car park bay.

Talk to the Buildings Management Team who will advise you on your options. It could simply be a case of misunderstanding by the perpetrator.

9) Does the Fire evacuation procedure for disabled people allow them to use the lifts in the event of a fire?

No, the lifts should not be used. However, please notify the Buildings Management Team if assistance could be required and the relevant details will be included within the Fire file for the Fire Brigade's use in case of any such emergency.

10) I have lost my access fob.

Spare fobs can be requested from the Buildings Management Team at a cost of 25 and 35 depending which one is required. They will be programmed in for each individual property. Please note the Buildings Management Team will require proof of ID and occupancy for security reasons.

11) I can't get a TV signal.

12) We have a leak in our property and need help

Isolate your water stopcock and contact the Buildings Management Team.